A Multitasking PC Based Robotic Arm Manipulator Control System in RT-Linux Environment

This long title is our final year thesis project. We, Cynthia Apu, Adnan bhaiya and me, made two robotic arms: one of the robotic arms is static and another one is mobile robotic arm, which can peck object by detecting and can place that anywhere. This project is developed under RT-Linux environment. This environment is established in such a way that multiple tasks and parallel tasks can be done at the same time. In our project the robotic arms are able to pick and place objects controlled by two bipolar stepper motors and two DC motor (for the gripper) for each robotic arm. The motor will be operated in an open loop (without feedback) system. Stepper motors are used because it gives the steps so precisely. The operation of the Stepper Motor is controlled using RT-Linux to minimize the real-time error (jitter). From one computer we can operate all the manipulators. We used Data acquisition card to communicate between our manipulators and computer. The theoretical results are confirmed with practical as shown in video below.


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