Backup your Seagate Personal Cloud to pCloud

I was looking for a proper solution to take the backup of my Seagate Personal Clould (NAS server) to another cloud storage. It’s just an extra layer of backup in case any hazard occurs in my home. Seagate Personal cloud already has some built-in supports for well known cloud services likes Dropbox, One drive and others. But, it doesn’t have the support for the cloud service I use: pCloud.  I am big fan of pCloud  because of it life time pricing policy. I am not marketing for it, I just use it.

The whole solution will be something like below:


My all device will be connected to Segete NAS where I will keep all of my primary backups. Then, Seagate personal cloud will sync with secondary cloud backup service: pCloud. I was planning to write a custom script. But, then after some googling, I found that both pCloud and Seagete support WebDAV protocol.


What is WebDAV protocol?

WebDAV stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. It’s an extension to HTTP that lets clients edit content remotely. Basically, WebDAV enables a web server to act as a file server.

It uses stand HTTP headers, methods and ports (443 for SSL/TLS) for create, move, edit and delete files and folders.


How did I implement it?

1.  SSL/TLS enabled pCloud WebDAV url is

2. Log in into your Seagate personal cloud and navigate to Backup Manager

3. Configure pCloud url with usernamae and password.

Select following options  into Backup Wizard

Click on Next. Configure WebDAV URL in destination with username and password.

Click on Next.

It will connect to pCloud and will list all the folders of source (Seagate personal cloud) & designation (pCloud).
You will have to choice folder of source  you sync with destination folder.

Click on Next.
On next window, it will ask whether you want delete file from destination folder or not. Keep uncheck if you want. Click On Next again.

Now you will have to select backup mode.

Manual:  you will have to  click that button manually to take the backup. Better for one time backup.
Schedule: You can take the backup periodically based on time, day and month.

In this case, I choose weekly schedule backup. I want to take backup every Friday night.

Click On Next. It will show summary.

Click on Finish. You are done.

It will start immediately as well as it will take backup on every week.


What are the cloud storage services that support WebDAV protocol?

1&1 Online-Speicher (DSL)
1&1 Online-Speicher (Webhosting)
blaucloud https://{username}
GMX MediaCenter
Nextcloud https://{host}/{path}/remote.php/dav/files/{username}
ownCloud https://{host}/{path}/remote.php/webdav
Seafile (self-hosted) https://{host}/{path}/seafdav
STACK https://{username}
Strato HiDrive
Syncwerk (formerly
WEB.DE Online-Speicher

Note: Some cloud services may disable WebDAV access when two factor authentication is enabled. pCloud does that too.

Happy Hacking 🙂


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