Move the Close Button in Gnome-Shell to the Left from Right in Fedora 17

Recently, I installed Fedora 17 in my Desktop. Fedora 17 is cool but problem is that close button is on the Right side. But I am an Ubuntu user and used to everything on the left side. So, I do a little hacking in the Gnome-Shell and move the close button to left from right.
Open terminal and switch to root user

su -

it will prompt for root password and then type following command..

gsettings set button-layout "close"

Done. Enjoy the Ubuntu style.


Eftakhairul Islam

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3 thoughts on “Move the Close Button in Gnome-Shell to the Left from Right in Fedora 17

  1. Thanks! This didn’t work for me for some reason, but I used dconf editor to navigate to the same key and set it. I personally prefer to have “close,minimize:” buttons available, and double-click the title bar for maximize/restore.

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