My Talk at phpXperts Seminar 2011

phpXperts community is the largest software developer community in Bangladesh. As part of it, every year we organize phpXperts Seminar. It started at 2005 and still it is continuing. Last year, I was the organizer and hosted the phpXperts Seminar 2010 at BRAC University. But this year I had been selected as the speaker of the seminar. In a chat conversation, Hasinbhaiya offered me to be the speaker of 6 minutes frame. At first I was nervous and denied to be the speaker. But after the two days, I got a call from Hasin bhaiya and he confirmed me that my name is in speaker’s list. Mean while I implemented a RESTful web service for one of my clients. So, I decided to talk on RESTful web service. Finally , on 17 December, 2011 I gave a talk on RESTful web service. Here is my slide. . . .

Thanks Hasin Hydaer for giving me the opportunity to talk at phpXperts Seminar 2011.


Eftakhairul Islam

Hi, I'm Eftakhairul Islam, a passionate Software Engineer, Hacker and Open Source Enthusiast. I enjoy writing about technical things, work in a couple of startup as a technical advisor and in my spare time, I contribute a lot of open source projects.


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