My undergrad research paper is published at Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation (JMEA)

Yes.. I am a bit happy today. My undergrad research paper is published in the journal: Volume 2, Number 5, 201of  Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation (JEMA). Another paper based on the  same research is published in the IEEE Conference.

The abstract of my paper is below..

Abstract: This work is to observe the performance of PC based robot manipulator under general purpose (Windows), Soft (Linux) and Hard (RT Linux) Real Time Operating Systems (OS). The same open loop control system is observed in different operating systems with and without multitasking environment. The Data Acquisition (DAQ, PLC-812PG) card is used as a hardware interface. From the experiment, it could be seen that in the non real time operating system (Windows), the delay of the control system is larger than the Soft Real Time OS (Linux). Further, the authors observed the same control system under Hard Real Time OS (RT-Linux). At this point, the experiment showed that the real time error (jitter) is minimum in RT-Linux OS than the both of the previous OS. It is because the RT-Linux OS kernel can set the priority level and the control system was given the highest priority. The same experiment was observed under multitasking environment and the comparison of delay was similar to the preceding evaluation.

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You can buy and download the paper from there.

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