Qmake and Qt in latest version of Fedora distro

Yes, again I came back to my blog after a little while. Since it has been 1 year I haven’t posted anything. Whatever, it’s not so technical nor even a big post. Today I will just explain a weird problem and its solution. Basically, the problem is a bit tricky but the solution is very simple. Right now, my office work station is Fedora 20 KDE and developer environment is based on Ruby.

One of the gems name: capybara-webkit requires qmake library dependency. I search and run following commands

yum install qt-webkit-devel

Basically, qmake library installed in system as qmake-qt4 as /usr/bin/qmake-qt4 location. But, ruby gem knows qumake not the qmake-qt4. So, I had to add this to system profile that ruby gem knows qmake-qt4 as qumake

export QMAKE=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4

Now, run the command in command line

gem install capybara-webkit



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