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One of my friends is having problem uploading photo to wordpress from flickr. Actually, he wanted to publish his photo to wordpress’s blog post. He thought there was something wrong with his managed hosting for WordPress. I suggested him a very easy way to do it. Just go through some steps..

First, click the image button to add images to your posts, it will want the URL to the image file and the URL to the photo page. The following picture will help you…

Now, you will have to grub the URL from flickr and put that on the red marked area of the above picture. Go to your flickr’s photo page. Then click on Share This > Grab the HTML/BBCode and get the link following way…

Copy the red marked link as shown in the above picture and put that into Image URL (red marked area of the first picture of this post). Then click the button. DONE… You flickr photo will be published in wordpress blog..


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