Who I am

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I am Md Eftakhairul Islam. I was born in a nice and historical city of Bangladesh named Bogra.

I graduated from Concordia University in Software Engineering and finished my under-graduation from the School of Engineering And Computer Science, BRAC University. Prior joining to university, I studied at Govt. Azizul College and Bogra Zilla School.
Now, I am working in Executable Design inc as Sr. Software Developer. Besides my job, I do freelancing, contribute to open source project, attend tech meet-up and play at my own startup (now it little, but growing up very faster). Before coming to Canada, I was Software Developer at Codemate Limited and Right Brain Solution Limited.

I’m very much enthusiastic about Open Source Softwares (OSS), programming and passionate about web technology. I like to work on R&D and new technologies. I worked on several projects based on Nodejs, Golang, Ruby on Rails, PHP7, Redis, OrientDB, MySQL, Postgres, and Docker.  I follow agile methodologies of software development and try to develop shippable software using TDD. I have also worked on the following CMS: Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. I participated in several competitions such as ACM ICPC of 2008 and 2009, NCPC, Telenetfest, NSU Technofair, and Mathematical Olympiad.

Besides these, I like to smile, play games on computer, hang out with friends, read story books and hear English songs. I am involved in many club activities such as IEEE, ACM, Microsoft Student Partners, and BRAC University Computer Club (BUCC). That’s all about me. If you want to know more, please drop me an email.

You can download my resume Click Here (PDF).