Offline installation of Zend framework on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

I am writing this post because I fell in problem with my newly installed Linux PC at slow Internet connection. I was in Eid vacation at Bogra.  I had to work on web application based on zend framework but it was difficult to install zend framework from repository. I had the latest version of zend framework in my PC. So, finally I installed and posted it in my blog.

If you don’t have the latest version of zend framework, then go to http:// and download the Zend Framework 1.11 full package (Taz.gz format for Linux). Currently 1.11.11 is the latest version. And I always suggest to download the full version of zend framework. Because, it contains all the libraries with all the demos and tests and it includes the scaffolding tool.  These will be required in future. If the package downloading is done and then lets start the installation process.

Expecting that you downloaded the package at desktop. Let extract that package, give file access permission and rename some of its file. Open the terminal and type the following commands

sudo tar -xzvf ZendFramework-1.11.11.tar.gz
sudo chmod -R 0755 ZendFramework-1.11.11
cd ZendFramework-1.11.11
sudo mv bin zend-bin
sudo mv library Zend

Then copy Zend folder to /usr/share/php and zend-bin to /usr/local. So, type again following commands

sudo cp -r Zend /usr/share/php/
sudo cp -r zend-bin /usr/local/

Now you will have to enable zf tool. In linux it is really so easy. Just create a symlink to /usr/bin/. So, type

sudo ln -s /usr/local/zend-bin/ /usr/bin/zf

To taste it that weather it works or not, just type

zf show version

It will show you: Zend Framework Version: 1.11.11 and it’s done. But if you have good Internet connection, then you  can install it from repo. Just type following commands ..

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zend-framework/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install zend-framework

There is very nice tutorial on zend framework. You can take a look:


Eftakhairul Islam

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5 thoughts on “Offline installation of Zend framework on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

  1. Hello, I am trying to install off line but it is showing error.
    Help me with this.
    The error code is:-
    tar (child): ZendFramework-1.11.11.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
    tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    tar: Child returned status 2
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    [email protected]:~$

    and please email your reply so that i can know.

    1. In the comment above I paste the error code only not the command line.
      This error came after the first command line which was:
      sudo tar -xzvf ZendFramework-1.11.11.tar.gz

      1. Have you downloaded the Zend Framework properly?? If yes then go to your downloaded directory and then type the exact version. I guess your problem will be solved.

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