Uninstall or Remove Unwanted Software in your Ubuntu

Sometimes you need to remove some unwanted software. For example, you get a better software and now you want to remove or uninstall the old one. Normally, in Ubuntu you can do this by synaptic package manager which is very nice graphical management tool for removing, installing and upgrading software package. But I like to work in command line which gives me more flexibility as a developer. Let me uninstall or remove a software.

Suppose you got a new software Sticky Notes which is alternative of Tomboy. And now you want to remove the Tomboy.

To remove it, just type . . . .
[sourcecode=”””]sudo apt-get remove Tomboy[/sourcecode]

If you want to remove any software package with its configuration, then type
[sourcecode=”””]sudo apt-get –purge remove software_name[/sourcecode]

Another important command. If you want to see the software package list that are installed in your pc.. just type
[sourcecode=”””]dpkg –list[/sourcecode]


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