GP USSD service or dialing *111#

Many of us don’t know about GP USSD service or *111#. It seems to me very interesting and helpful. You don’t need to memorize any number for any service. That’s why sharing it here. USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is basically a technology used by the GSM network to send information (usually text menus) between a mobile phone and an application on the network . USSD will allow you to request information in short codes. It starts with * and ends with #. If you are GP user, just type *111# and then dial. You will get a menu..
1 Call Block
2 Mobile Service
3 Infotainment
8 Account Info
Now you can choice anyone by pressing the corresponding number number of the menu item and then dial. Suppose you press and dial 8, you will get another sub menu..
1 Account Status
2 My Phone No                                                                                                    ……………..                                                                                                        Now if you press and dial 2, you will get your own number as display. You can also navigate it by shortcut. Just Press *111*8*2#. That’s mean *111*any option from menu * any option from sub menu#. You will get the same message like before in your display.


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